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Every time I complete this shadow money exercise it helps to create a shift in my money mindset that directly effects my clients attraction. Audio instructions below.  (the audio is from my money mindset course)

Supplies needed: Water, tissues, journal and pen, diagram of EFT tapping points if you don't know them well. 

STEP 1 (optionally have your Akashic Records or intuitive connection flowing). Without giving it too much thought and simply allowing yourself to stream what comes up, aim to write out 10-20 items. Ask yourself: what is my earliest memory about money and what did that teach me? You only need to focus on the money memories that created a limiting program. For example if you learned that 'money doesn't grow on trees' and you ask what did that teach you? It may be that there is a limited supply or that money is not for you, you're not allowed to have it. Maybe you witnessed money corrupting people and that belief is now that money is bad. 

As spiritual entrepreneurs healing our money shadow is one of those doorways we have to continue walking through in order to really show up and serve at our highest level. When we are in agreement/ alignment with money we can focus on what really matters and let the flow of money take care if itself. 

STEP 2 Once you have about 10 limiting beliefs it's time to start clearing. If you are using EFT tapping , for example start off with:

Even though money is bad I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even through money doesn't grow on trees and it's hard to come by I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Even through I am repelling money I deeply and completely love and accept myself 

(then move through each tapping points and the beliefs your wrote out and read and feel each belief, ask for it to be cleared completely)

STEP 3 Repeat this exercise on another day and just change up the questions. What do I believe about money now? What do I believe about business? What do I believe about clients buying from me? This process can create huge belief system breakthroughts to get you


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