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Are You Ascending?

This time of ascension is sacred, and your journey is unique and important. It is time to step into more of your Soul level self and consistently release limitations and heaviness.


If you have been...

  • Experiencing ascension symptoms (flu-like, tired, buzzing, need for more grounding and quiet time, to name a few)
  • Feeling called to get to know, accept and express yourself on a Soul level 
  • Ready to empower yourself this awakening and gain deeper clarity

Then, it is your time for Practical Ascension. Read on to see how the Practical Ascension Portal can support you. 

Empowerment is a huge part of the ascension process. When we are empowered, we make choices for our highest good, increase our awareness, expression and open up to amazing possibilities and miracles.

With your membership to the Practical Ascension Portal, you have access to ascension resources at your fingertips to help smooth and make sense of the journey while tapping you into your inner natural brilliance and potential.  


for powerful Lightworkers



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What's Your Status?

I've got Healings, Activations and guidance for that... 

Need to Get Grounded

Get Clarity

Intuitive Advancement

Release Fears and Doubts

Intuitive Business Clarity and Planning

Chakra Focus Work

Align Money Energy and Mindset

Soul, Shadow and Purpose Work

New Content, Ascension Kits and Courses added regularly 

EnrolLment OPENs November 12 - 23 2019

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  • Full Moon Meditations & Ritual
  • Ancestral Clearing with St. Germain
  • Expansive and Aligned Challenge
  • Mindfulness Challenge
  • More Powerful Meditations and Journeys
  • Plus More

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Included in mystic 

30 Days to Archangel Ascension Series. 

30 Days. 15 Archangels. Practical Ascension. Guided Meditations. Channeled Messages. 

All the Miracles and Support From The Archangels!

All the details here. 

Hi, I'm tracy Gaudet

I am a practical ascension guide,

your  Soul Alchemist. 

I assist powerful lightworkers through the ascension process.

 I work in the Multidimensional Akashic Records, through guided journeys, energy healing and activations and deep grounding work to integrate more of your Soul level presence into your daily life.